Tender procedure


COVA Framework Tenders
COVA invites you to participate in a tender for two Framework Agreements: (1) Framework Agreement for purchase of crude oil and oil products and (2) Framework Agreement for CSO-tickets (together: “Framework Agreements”). We invite your company to submit a tender for one or both Framework Agreements.

Please note that the purpose of this tender is only to form a shortlist of Selected Sellers. COVA shall invite Selected Sellers from time to time to submit an offer for specific pur-chases of crude oil and oil products or CSO-tickets. By entering the new Framework Agreement(s), you are not obliged to submit an offer.

You will find all necessary information to participate in the Tender Guidelines.

The following planning schedule is valid for this tender:

Tender Guidelines

Framework Agreement for purchase of oil and oil products

Framework Agreement for CSO tickets

This tender is also published on TenderNed

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