Storage policies


COVA aims to fulfil the majority of its obligation on the Dutch market. Diesel/gasoil and gasoline are mainly stored domestically. To that effect COVA has storage contracts with various terminals throughout the Netherlands and also makes use of storagefacilities in  Belgium. Crude oil is stored both domestically and internationally. Effectively a part of the Dutch crude oil is stored in salt caverns in Northern Germany which is very cost effective versus above ground storage.

There are no restrictions in the Stockholding Law nor in the bilateral agreements on the amount of reserved stocks abroad as long as involved companies fulfil the conditions of the Stockholding Law.

In order to provide storage at the lowest possible costs COVA works with various partners for storage at competitive prices. COVA does not own any storage facilities. Through tender procedures COVA enters into contracts with all market organisations involved in the trade of crude oil and oil products.

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