About COVA

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The Netherlands Petroleum Stockpiling Agency (COVA) is the independent national organization which is responsible for the strategic oil stocks of the Netherlands.

The aim of COVA is to fulfil, on behalf and by mandate of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate,  the purchase, sale and storage of crude oil and oil products based on the requirements set by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the European Union (EU).

COVA’s function is to maintain the quantities of compulsory stocks imposed under prevailing legislation, both as crude and products, at the lowest possible cost.

COVA is a non profit foundation, as defined in chapter 2, article 15-22 of the 2012 Dutch Oil Stockpiling Act (Stb. 2013, 15).

COVA: Boompjes 40, 3011 XB Rotterdam – the Netherlands
Telephone : +31 10 413 47 40
E-mail : cova@cova.nl

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